Management of electric screw driver
Torque Meter @CD-100M/10M
Yes-no decision conditions etc. can save five channels.
.. A channel is only changed even if bolting conditions change.
It is not necessary to reset up a maximum value and a minimum value one by one like former.

Everyday check of an electric driver can be performed.
Since various information is displayed on a display board, it is very intelligible.
The change of a measurement unit can be performed.
Memory data is 800 affairs.
Real-time output Every about 1 / 180 seconds
The taking-in software of data can download from a homepage.

Specification CD|100M CD|10M
Measuring range  
(at the time of Track)
0.10`10@NEm 0.010`1 NEm@
1.0`100 kgfEcm 0.10`10 kgfEcm
1.0`90 lbfEin 0.10`9  lbfEin
Accuracy }0.5(199 or less digit}1digit)
Display The 3.5 figures digital display of LCD
The measurement direction CW-CCW (right and left)
Measurement   Mode Track , P-P(peak to peak) , P-D(Peak-Down) , C(Real-time Output)
High and low limits judging function High and low value are measurement within the limits, and can be set up.
Real-time Output Load torque value is outputted every about1/ 180 second.
The Maximum, the minimum, and the average value display The maximum, the minimum value, and average value of the saved data
Automatic Clearance Automatically clear the displayed value after certain time
(0.5 - 3.0 sec,selectable at each 0.5 sec).
Setting 0.0 sec for manual Zero clearance
One-touch zero A clear button is pushed and it is a zero.@ Data is outputed.
Data output ASCII format (baud rate 19200)
Power supply Ni-Cd chargeable battery 1.2V~5cells 700mAh
Auto power save 10 minutes no use, automatically switch off.
Charging time About 3 hours
Continunous working time About 12 hours
Socket fit mouth 20mm/  9.5mm
Weight  Abbreviation   1 kg
Outside dimension 160iWj~125iDj~55iHj
Attachment Measurement joint@SJ50/SJ10K Measurement joint@SJ10

(one piece each)

AC/DC adaptor
Carrying case
An inspection report, a proofreading certificate, traceability system figure

SJ50 SJ10 About an adapter measurement joint@SJiPAT.Pj
SJ-50 SJ-10 It does not decompose, even if it rewinds joint too much
Since the adapter attached is the coil spring compression system of the conventional system, you can use it by the conventional management method.
Moreover, this adapter is special
 structure. It does not decompose, even if it rewinds joint too much. You can use it in comfort.

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