Management of electric drivers
Torque Tester@DI-11
Moment (torque) inspection of various parts
The performance management of a high torque electric driver

Yes-no decision conditions etc. can save five channels.
.. A channel is only changed even if bolting conditions change.
It is not necessary to reset up a maximum value and a minimum value one by one like former.

Everyday check of an electric driver can be performed.
Since various information is displayed on a display board, it is very intelligible.
The change of a measurement unit can be performed.
Memory data is 800 affairs.
Real-time output Every about 1 / 180 seconds
The taking-in software of data can download from a homepage.

Specification DI-11
Measuring range  
(at the time of Track)
0.10`20 Nm
@1.0`200 kgfEcm
1.0`174 lbfEin
Accuracy }0.5(499 or less digit}3digit)
Display The 4 figures digital display of LED
The measurement direction CW-CCW (right and left)
P-P  Peak Peak load value hold
T-R  Track Indication of real time torque value.
P-D  Peak down Holding Load Value at the moment to change from upward to downword
C(Real-time Output) Load torque value is outputted every about 1/ 180 second.
clearance It is a display clearance in set-up time.   (0.1 - 3.0 sec)
Data output ASCII Format (baud rate 19200)
Auto power save 10 minutes no use, automatically switch off.
Charging time From empty - less than 6hours
Continunous working time 12 hours
Weight About 1.5kg
Outside dimension 130iWj~180iDj~34iHj
Attachment Measurement joint @SJ-50 / SJ-100 

(one piece each)

AC/DC adaptor (Please choose AC adaptor out of 120V, and 230V.)
Exclusive receipt case
An inspection report, a proofreading certificate,
traceability system figure

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