Management of air tool / oil pulse tool
Torque Tester @DI-1M-IP@series

Management of an oil pulse tool etc.

High precision and lightweight small.
The best for everyday check of an oil pulse tool.
Since it is highly precise, the bolting tool of a bolt is manageable on the optimal conditions.
Since it is lightweight and small, it can install in a work line.
Convenient for the scheduled inspection of a tool

It is bright and readable at an LED display.
The high luminosity (light emitting diode) LED can be adopted as a display element,
 and measured value can be read also in a dark place
It can use also for a torque wrench.
It can be used also for management of a torque wrench angle nut runner besides an
oil pulse wrench.

The analog output of DI-1M series was lost.
It is option correspondence when required.

The main features
Blow counter. The total number of blows within fixed time and torque measured value are displayed.
Stable measurement can be performed in inspection of a pre set torque wrench in peak down mode.
Data Output(USB type). It connects with a personal computer, and data can be saved easily.(Taking-in soft use of exclusive use) 
It is the highly efficient measuring instrument which carried the auto-power-off function, the auto clear function, etc.
Specification ch-Pl-hoTO ch-Pl-hoQOO ch-Pl-hoTOO
Measuring range  
(at the time of Track)

0.30`50 Nm
3.0`500 kgfEcm
3.0`430 lbfEin

3.0`200 Nm
30`2000 kgfEcm
30`1800 lbfEin

3.0`500 Nm
30`5000 kgfEcm
30`4500 lbfEin

 Peak down Operating range 0.70Nm`, 7.0kgfEcm/ lbfEin` 7.0Nm`, 70kgfEcm/ lbfEin`
Accuracy }0.5(499 or less digit}3digit)
Display The 4 figures digital display of LED
The measurement direction CW-CCW (right and left)
P-P  Peak Peak load value hold
T-R  Track Indication of real time torque value.
P-D  Peak down Indication peak down point and hold.
Display zero clearance Automatically clear the displayed value after certain time
(0.5 - 3.0 sec,selectable at each 0.5 sec).
Setting 0.0 sec for manual Zero clearance
Blow Measurement range Zero to 99 blow
Measurement time 0.1 - 9.9 seconds
Data output ASCII@format (baud rate 19200)
Power supply Ni-Cd chargeable battery 1.2V~5cells 700mAh
Auto power save 5 minutes no use, automatically switch off.
Charging time about 3hours
Continunous working time 8 hours
Meter part@Weight About 600g
Detection part@Weight about 600g about 1.7kg about 3.1kg
Meter part@Outside size 146(W)~115(D)~48(H) iIt does not contain by the projection partj
Code length Standard 1m (there are automatic machines no less than 4m as an option.)

(one piece each)

Carrying case \ \
AC/DC adaptor
An inspection report, a proofreading certificate,
traceability system figure

Detection machine size figure

Detection machine outside figure
Form hoTO hoQOO hoTOO Detector size
` 50 60 80
a 63 79 98.5
b 10 15.1 16
c 90 108 140
d 74 90 116
e(Three division) 6.3 8.3 10.5
f@(Socket intuition affinity) 9.5 12.7 19
Weight 632g 1.8kg 3kg

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