Bolting measurement of screw and bolt

Separate type merit!
Detection part is compact.

Yes-no decision conditions etc. can save five channels.
.. A channel is only changed even if bolting conditions change.
It is not necessary to reset up a maximum value and a minimum value one by one like former.

To measurement of the minute
torque of 500 or less mN-m

Since the detection part was small and a light weight, minute torque measurement which needs prudence for handling was enabled.
Measurement to 2Nm

It is easy to use measuring range widely.

Measurement to 6 N

The main functions(DIS series) 
仩 Yes-no decision丂
仩 Average calculation
仩 Data storage is 800 affairs.
仩 A convenient functional setup of a setup of a measurement start value etc.
仩 Data output at real time (every about 1/180 seconds).丂
仩 USB terminal data output

Specification DIS-RL05 DIS-RL2 DIS-RL6
Measuring range
2.0乣500 mN
0.020乣5 kgf丒cm
0.020乣4.5 lbf丒in
0.010乣2 N
0.10乣20 kgf丒cm
0.10乣17.4 lbf丒in
0.10乣6 N
1.0乣60 kgf丒cm
Accuracy 亇0.5% (or less 499亇3digit) 亇0.5% (or less 199亇1digit)
Display The 4 figures digital display of LCD
The measurement direction CW-CCW (right and left)
P-P  Peak Peak load value hold.
T-R  Track Indication of real time torque value.
P-D  Peak down Holding Load Value at the moment to change from upward to downword
C Real-time output Load torque value is outputted every about1/ 180 second by RS232C.
Setting of torque value A top and a minimum value are in a measuring range, and a setup is possible.
Can confirm the set value by the buzzer sound or LED.
The Maximum, the minimum, and the average value The maximum, the minimum value, and average value of the saved data
clearance It is a display clearance in set-up time.   (0.5 - 3.0 sec)
One-touch zero A clear button is pushed and it is a zero. data output.
Data spec. Data transfer ASCII format (Baud rate : 19200)
Data memory 800 data stored
Power supply Ni-Cd chargeable battery 1.2V亊4cells 丂450mAh
Auto power save 10 minutes no use, automatically switch off.
Charging time about 3hours
Continunous working time 10 hours
Meter outside type dimension 100(W) x105(D) x40 (H)  (It does not contain by the projection thing.)
Weight Meter part    520g
Bit/Socket part 兂4 HEX 6.35

 (one piece each)

兂4 bits
6.35HEX bits
bit holder / one way bit holder
Receipt case
AC/DC adaptor
An inspection report, a proofreading certificate, a traceability system figure

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