Screw tightening control
Yes-no decision conditions etc. can save five channels.
.. A channel is only changed even if bolting conditions change.
It is not necessary to reset up a maximum value and a minimum value one by one like former.

*The torque screwdriver is Ergonomic and light weight, yet ruggedly constructed
*Available in: lb-in, kg-cm and N-m
*Peak, Real Time and Peak Down measuring mode (selectable)
*800 data memory.
*Programmable High and Low set points with both audible beep and Green/Red LED indicator for uniform torque tightening or GO/NO GO testing
*Programmable screw tightening counter
*Programmable Auto Zero function resets unit to zero for easy operation
*Both CW and CCW operation
*ASCII format output(USB)
*Runs on internal Ni-MH batteries (for 12 hours) Auto shut-off after 10 min. of non-use
* AC charger and carrying case included.

Wrench head awivels 300

Specification DIW-15 DIW-20 DIW-75 DIW-120
Measuring range  NEm
(at the time of Track)
0.20 - 15 Nm 0.20 - 20 Nm 0.20 - 75 NEm 2.0 - 120 NEm
2.0`150 kgfEcm 2.0`200 kgfEcm 2.0`750 kgfEcm 20`1200 kgfEcm
2.0`130 lbfEin 2.0`174 lbfEin 2.0`650 lbfEin 20`1040 lbfEin
Accuracy }0.5%
(199 or less digit}1digit) 
(499 or less digit}3digit)
 (199 or less digit}1digitj
Display The 4 figures digital display of LCD
The measurement direction CW-CCW (right and left)
P-P  Peak Holding Peak Load Value
T-R  Track Showing Real time torque value ( Used for Zero-Adjustment )
P-D  Peak down Holding Load Value at the moment to change from upward to downword
C Real-time output Load torque value is outputted every about1/ 160 second
Setting of torque value Programmable High and Low setpoints with both audible beep and Green/ Red LED indicator for uniform torque tightening or GO/NO GO testing
The Maximum, the minimum, and the average value The data number, the maximum, the minimum value, and the average value of memory data are displayed.
Data spec. Data transfer ASCII format (Baud rate : 19200)
Data memory 800 data
A setup of the number of counts One to 99 count   (count in a direction with a bundle)
Auto power save 10 minutes no use, automatically switch off.
Charging time From empty - less than 5hours
Continunous working time 12 hours
Outside size 34(grip)~236(L) 34(grip)~235(L) 34(grip)~320(L) 34(grip)~445(L)
Weight (about) 430g 470g 620g 830g
Socket engagement 6.35  square, including steel ball 9.5 square, including steel ball 12.7 square, including steel ball
Attachment One-way socket
 (one piece each)
AC/DC adaptor
An inspection report, a proofreading certificate, a traceability system figure

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