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The measuring instrument of CEDER provides the basis of the established quality
with goods on a visitor's information and a new idea.
When concluding a screw bolt nut etc., it is necessary to manage proper bolting torque

In the measuring instrument of CEDER, there are a case where a screw bolting tool is managed,
and the method of the tool itself binding tight,
and detecting torque and binding it tight to the set-up torque value.

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The example of a use, and the main features Measurement range
Torque meter CD-100M/10M The page of CD-100/10 everyday check of an electric driver Etc.
It durability-improves also to the high torque which starts suddenly.
CD-100M 0.10〜10 N・m
CD-10M 0.010〜1 N・m
 The page of DI-9-8/08
everyday check of an electric driver torque driver Etc.
A wide measurement range
With [ in OW joint ]
no rolling-back work
DI-9M-8 0.020〜8 N・m
DI-9M-08 2.0〜800 mN・m
 The page of DI-9-8/08
Routine inspections became more convenient.
Strengthened visibility, usability, connectability on taking over good points of DI-9M series
NDI-800CN 0.020〜8 N・m
NDI-80CN 2.0〜800 mN・m
Torque tester DIS-IP 
The page of DI-3N-IP
Management of various torque wrench torque drivers
A small space is also Installation O.K. with a dissociated type.
It is from low torque to high torque at abundant variations.
A printable character is legible at 1.5 times of the former (ratio of our company).
-IP05 2.0〜500
-IP5 0.020〜5 N・m
-IP50 0.20〜50 N・m
-IP200 2.0〜200 N・m
-IP500 2.0〜500 N・m
-IPS5/20The page of DI-3N-IPS 0.20〜20 N・m
The page of DI-1M-IP
Management of an oil pulse tool etc.
It is highly precise and is a small light weight. It installs in a work line and an effect is demonstrated to the scheduled inspection of a tool.The number of blows and a torque value are expressed as a blow counter.
-IP50 030〜50 N・m
-IP200 3.0〜200 N・m
-IP500 3.0〜500 N・m
The page of DI-4B-25
Everyday check of a small impact tool air driver and a quantity output electric driver
Blow counter built-in.
Measurement is possible, with a socket attached.
0.30〜25 N・m
Torque checker DIS-RL 
The page of DI-5N-RL
the last check of a screw bolt Etc.
A detection part is very compact by the separate type.
Power is demonstrated to narrow torque measurement of a place, and measurement of minute torque.
-RL005 0.2〜50 mN・m
-RL05 2.0〜500 mN・m
-RL2 0.010〜2 N・m
-RL6 0.10〜6 N・m
Digital torque driver NDID-150CN
The page of DSD-4
Bolting of a screw bolt
.Adjust the torque and click it
Torque and tightening number are also recorded
0.020〜1.5 N・m
The page of DSD-4
Bolting of a screw bolt
Lightweight compact.
It forgets to shut, binds tight to prevention and is with a number counter.
By roller clutch adoption, it is a working efficiency rise.
DID-05 2.0〜500 mN・m
DID-4 0.020〜4 N・m
Digital torque wrench DIW-120/75/20
The page of DSW-120/75/20
Bolting of a screw bolt
Lightweight compact.
By roller clutch adoption, it is a working efficiency rise.
DIW-120 2.0〜120 N・m
DIW-75 0.20〜75 N・m
DIW-20 0.20〜20 N・m
DIW-15 0.20〜15 N・m
Screw bundle counter ECT Series
 The page of ECT
The bolting number check of a screw
The signal from an electric driver is counted. A check is easy with sound and light.
It is a malfunction check by the timer function. There is also a type corresponding to a work sensor and it is.
ECT-02 A low price and a short form
ECT-03 Work sensor correspondence
Joint for measurement OW Series
The page of OW joint
It is used for torque measurement of an electric driver.
Measurement is completed only by the work of the direction of bolting.It OKs with a bit attached.
Since it is not influenced of fricative, management of the torque stabilized for a long period of time is possible.
OW-025 Max 0.25 N・m
OW-10 Max 1 N・m
OW-20 Max 2 N・m
OW-60 Max 6 N・m
SJ Series
The page of SJ joint
A former type coil spring compression system.
With no worries about disassembly of the adapter twisted for returning too much with special structure.
SJ-50 Max 5 N・m
SJ-10 Max 1 N・m
option Proofreading apparatus It is used in order to maintain the accuracy of a measuring instrument.
There is also proofreading trust service in our company.
After-sale service
In a product, it is with [ for one year ] a guarantee.
It is gratis repair when it breaks down within one year.
(The failure by * natural disaster, reconstruction, and misuse is onerous.)
The scheduled inspection and overhaul of a measuring instrument are also performed.