Digital Torque Tester@@NDI-800CN/80CN
Most suitable the routine inspection for the electric screwdriver.

Became more convenient about,
@Visibilityicolor display, tilt mechnismj
ATrasabilityiMemory measurement date, time at same time measurementj
BEasy operationiremote control from PCj

Operater can effectively inspect using an attached OW joint .

Main features
@Easily set up the measurement parameter from PC
AEasily search a memory data using the date.
BNot necessary to charge a battery.
CCan check the parameter while the measurement.


Model NDI-800CN NDI-80CN
Range 2.0 ` 800.0 cNm
(0.020 ` 8.000 Nm)
0.020 ` 80.00cNm
Accuracy }0.5  i499 digits or less }3 digitsj
Display 4 figures digital display
Measurement direction CW-CCW
Meaurement mode Peak hold(PP) / Peak down(PD) / Real time output(C) / Track(TR)
Acceptance judgement Judge OK or NG by a setting value.
Statistics information Calculate an average, maximum and minimum value by the selected date.
Real time output 250 data / 1 second
Memory daat 400 dataiwith measurement date, mode and judgementj
Clock Store the measurement date.
Power AC adaptor (DC.12V) / AA battery
Socket size 20 / 9.5
Accessories (measurement joint) OW-025, OW-10 (measurement joint) OW-20, OW-60
Cube with screw holes of M2.6, M3, M4, M5 and M6
AC adaptoriinput : AC100~240V (50/60Hz)Aoutput : DC12Vj
USB cable (mini B typej
AA size cell~4
Result of calibration, Certification on calibration, Traceability system figure
Carrying case
OW joint   Since our company developed the buffer
    with little influence of fricative,
    stable measurement could be performed

   Moreover ,it does not need to reverse-rotate
    at the time of  measurement,
    and work efficiency  improved.
Specification Type
OW-025 OW-10 OW-20 OW-60
Measuring range   Nm 0.25 1 2 6
Mechanical life   itimesj 10,000 8,000 5,000 5,000
(screw part)
M2.6 cross
recess screw
M3 cross
recess screw
M4 cross
recess screw
M6 cross
recess screw
The standard screw is cross recess screw
but they may be altered as necessary
Outside diameter 28 32 32 38
Height 44 51 51 69
hnstallation 20square ~4(t)

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