Torque tester
  • DIS-RL series (05/2/6)
For tightening and final check of screws & bolts
Separate type digital torque driver wrench. The detection part is very compact and suitable for measuring lower torque & torque in a narrow place.
Enable to save 5 channels of pass/fail judgement criterion, and enable to change settings easily by switch channels even if the tightening term changes.
  • Show "Measurement mode" "Measurement unit" Indication of "maximum, minimum, average"
  • Switchable measurement unit
  • Enable to save 5 sets of settings such as upper limit and lower limit
  • 800 items of memory data
  • Real-time output About every 1/180 seconds
  • Data acquisition software can be downloaded for free
  • The lineup of the DIS-RL series is DIS-RL05, DIS-RL2, DIS-RL6

About accessories

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