Torque tester
  • WDIS series
To manage various torque tools
The DIS series is easier to use and has higher performance.
In conjunction with a PC or PLC, it manages torque measurement at a higher level.
Manual torque driver and wrench management, Automatic semi-automatic tool management, Inspection of screw tightening and relaxation torque.
  • Color display that can display various information
  • Data output is equipped with both USB and RS232C
  • Series lineup of various liners up to 50 mN · m ( 0.05 N · m) to 500 N · m
  • Up to 10 channels can be set for numerical values such as pass / fail conditions
  • Pass / fail judgment is informed in color display
  • Operates from AC adapter or with 4 AA batteries
  • The lineup of the WDIS series is WDIS-IP05, WDIS-IP5, WDIS-IP50, WDIS-IP200, WDIS-IP500, WDIS-IP1500,WDIS-RL005,WDIS-RL05, WDIS-RL6, WDIS-RL10, WDIS-IPS05C, WDIS-IPS5C, WDIS-IPS20CL

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