@Measurement of an electric driver

@Measurement joint   OW Series

OW joint Torque measurement of an electrick driver

Since our company developed the buffer with influence of fricative, stable measurement could be performed.
Moreover, it does not need to reverse-rotate at the time of measurement, and work efficiency improved.

By original measurement joint, it is a workability rise.

By the original method of our company, it binds tight and measurement is completed only by the work of a direction.(Inversion operation is unnecessary)
Moreover, since joint with a bit is the screw head, where a bit is attached, it can measure.
Since it has structure which does not need to consider the influence of friction which had become a problem by the conventional method, the torque stabilized over the long period of time is manageable.

- It can measure, with a bit set.
- The torque check of the direction of bolting can be performed easily.
@(Return is not needed) 
- Since it has structure which absorbs anti-power, there is no influence @on a power bolting tool.
- Low-pass torque measurement can be performed.

Specification nv-OQT nv-PO nv-QO nv-UO
Measuring range Nm 0.25 1 2 6
    Mechanical life   itimesj  10,000 8,000 5,000 T,000
Outer diameter
Bit engagement
part (screw part)
M2.6 cross
recess screw
M3 cross
recess screw
M4 cross
recess screw
M6 cross
recess screw
Outside diameter^Height 28 ^ 44 32 ^ 51 32 ^ 51 38 ^ 69
hnstallation 20square ~4(t)

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