Screw counter
  • ECT series (02H/03/04)
Mistake-proofing of screw tightening work
Easy connection! It corresponds to various electric drivers equipped with screw tightening completion signal.
Mmanage the number of screw tightening, and prevent workers' poor mistake.
*There is an electric driver/tool that can not be applied for. Also, it may be necessary to change some settings in case of use. Please contact us for details.
Enable to check Qty by sound and light, and to perform more accurately and efficiently due to various function such as counting only action fastening screw successfully with the timer function.
  • 【02H/03/04】Count the signals from electric driver
  • 【02H/03/04】Easy to check with sound and light
  • 【02H/03/04】Check malfunction with timer function
  • 【02H/03/04】Equipped count cancel function
  • 【03/04】Advanced management by work sensor function
  • 【03/04】Connectable to other equipment with tightening completion signal
  • 【03/04】Work chattering prevention & work set timer function installed
  • 【04】Equipped counting function of pick-up sensor
  • The lineup of the ECT series is ECT-02H, ECT-03, ECT-04