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You can download the catalog of products on the website in PDF format.

Digital torque driver

Digital torque wrench

Slip torque tester

Rotate torque tester

Various software

It is software that imports data measured from our torque tester onto a personal computer and displays it on a graph. It is distributed free for the purpose of operation and management.

Applicable modelTorque tester other than NDI / NTS7 series
Software download (Excel macro file) W-Series DataInput v2.3
Manual download W-Series DataInput manual
Applicable modelNDI series
Software download (Excel macro file) NDI tools V1.00
Manual download NDI tools manual
Applicable modelNTS7 series
Software download (Excel macro file) NTS7 DataInput v1.0 (E)
Manual download NTS7 DataInput manual(E)

※Please be sure to deploy compressed files before using.
※Please use the Excel file after confirming the manual.
※It may be unable to respond to PC specifications / environment.