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We have a wide range of products to suit the application, from torque measuring instruments with high expertise used by professionals to measuring instruments for daily inspection of your own drivers.
We also offer highly accurate products suited for work that requires high reliability, such as forgetting to tighten screws and preventing shortage of fastening torque.

Torque tester

  • WDISR-IP series
  • WDISR-IPS series
  • WDISR-RL series
  • WDI series
  • WDIS series
  • Torque Tester CD-100M/10M
  • Torque Tester DI-9M-8/08
  • Torque Tester NDI-800CN/80CN
  • Torque Tester DIS-IP series (-IP05/5/50/200/500)
  • Torque Tester DWT-200
  • Torque Tester DIS-IPS series (20CL/5C)
  • Torque Tester DI-1M-IP series (50/200/500)
  • Torque Tester DI-4B-25
  • Torque Tester DIS-RL series (05/2/6)

Digital torque driver

  • Digital adjustable Torque driver NDID-150CN
  • Digital Torque Driver DID-4
  • Digital Torque Driver DID-05

Digital torque wrench

  • Digital torque wrench DIW series (120/75/20/15)

Screw counter

  • Screw counter ECT series (02H/03/04)

Slip torque tester

  • Slip torque tester DI-12 series (SL4/SL02/SL15)

Rotate torque tester

  • Rotate torque tester NTS-6 series (S1/S2/S5/S10/S20)


  • One Way Joint OW series (025/10/20/60)
  • Measuring joint SJ series (10/10K/50)