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Calibration Calibration

About service

Periodic calibration & inspection are necessary to maintain accuracy of the torque measuring device for years. In order to prevent any mulfunctions beforehand, we suggest to do periodic calibration and inspection once per a year. By conducting it on a regular basis, you can ensure reliable quality and avoid the risk of leakage of defective products due to low accuracy measurement.


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To guarantee our customers high quality and satisfaction, We have acquired ISO 9001 certification for "Designing and developing torque measuring instruments, manufacturing, inspection, delivery installation, calibration and service (repair)".

About request for proofreading

  • Please contact to the dealer you purchased the product.
  • When requesting a tester of a separate type (such as DIS, DI-1M series etc.), it will be calibrated with the same serial number as the display unit & detector set.

Handling of calibration equipment

  • We also handle calibration equipment as an option.


Repair Repair

About product warranty

  • Please confirm that it might be out of warranty for using in unexpected situation (such as abnormal voltage, over torque, base operation etc.).
  • ※ Please click here for notes when our products will not be used for a long time.

About repair request

  • Please contact to the dealer you purchased the product.

Discontinued product

Regading the following models, we have stopped manufacturing at our company due to discontinuation of the main parts used in the product. Please consider replacing with alternative products.

Product name Part number Production end timing Maintenance period Successor model
Torque wrench tester DI-1 series 2002 None
Torque tester DI-3 series 2006 DIS series
Torque tester DI-3L series 2002 None
Torque tester DI-3M series October 2008 DIS series
Torque tester DI-3N series June 2008 DIS series
Torque tester DI-4 series 2003 None
Torque tester DI-5 series 2004 DIS series
Torque tester DI-5M series December 2008 DIS series
Torque tester DI-5N series May 2008 DIS series
Digital torque driver DI-6 series 2002 DIS-RL series
Digital torque driver DI-7 series 2004 None
Digital torque driver DI-7M series 2003 None
Torque tester DI-9 series 2005 DI-9M series
Torque tester DI-9F series 2007 DIS series
Torque tester DI-10 series 2002 None
Digital torque driver DS series 2003 DID series
Digital torque driver DSD series December 2008 DID series
Digital torque wrench DW series 2006 DIW series
Digital torque wrench DSW series October 2009 DIW series
Torque tester NTS-01 series 2003 None
Torque tester NTS-02 series 2002 None
Torque tester NTS-04 series 2004 None

About support after the maintenance period expires

We set maintenance period as 5 years after parts has been discontinued.
We will correspond as much as possible even after the maintenance period, but please confirm that it may be difficult to guarantee for the inventory of maintenance parts and repair can not be recovered.