Torque tester
  • DI-1M-IP series (50/200/500)
Suitable for Impact-based tool management
High accuracy, and portable. It is installed on the work line and is effective for periodic inspection of the tool.
The blow counter displays number of blows and value of torque, and LED display which is brighter and easier to read.
Besides, it can be used for the management of the torque wrench · nut runner.
  • Blow counter shows number of blows and value of torque
  • Enable to inspect operating torque of manual preset type torque wrench etc. in peak down mode
  • Auto power-off function · Autoclear function are installed
  • Data acquisition software can be downloaded for free
  • The lineup of the DI-1M-IP series is DI-1M-IP50, DI-1M-IP200, DI-1M-IP500

About accessories

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