Torque tester
  • WDI series
New standard torque tester
50 years of torque tester manufacturing.
WDI-10HR WDI-100HR WDI-250

You can manage the electric screwdriver / manual torque driver and wrench.
  • Easy-to-understand color display.
  • 10HR / 100HR is capable of high-resolution measurement with 1/10 the normal resolution.
  • Equipped with data output via USB / RS232C.
  • Clear signals and various commands can be sent from a personal computer or PLC.
  • Measurement joints can be selected according to the management method and tool characteristics.
  • Manual tool measurement jig A screw cube is attached according to the measurement band.
  • A storage case is available as an option.
  • The WDI series includes WDI-100HR, WDI-10HR, and WDI-250.
  • External dimensions--160(W) 143(D) 58(H) mm