Torque tester
  • WIMS series
Management of impact tools.
Supports measurement up to 600N・m  Measurement sensitivity can be changed.
●The lineup of detectors has been expanded. Can measure up to higher torque.
●Measurement sensitivity can be changed.
●It is possible to judge the passing of torque and number of blows.

Main uses
・Daily management of impact tools
・ Check the preset value of the torque wrench
・ Confirmation of actual tightening torque of torque wrench for worker training

  • Easy to understand color LCD.
  • Prepare various commands for external control.
  • Measures the number of blows at the same time as the torque.
  • Values can be adjusted by changing measurement sensitivity.
  • Save up to 10 different setting values.
  • Two types of communication ports (USB/RS232C).
  • The WIMS series includes WIMS-IP50, WIMS-IP200, WIMS-IP500, and WIMS-IP1500.