Rotate torque tester
  • NTS7 series
Measurement of frictional torque of rotating bodies. It is possible to inspect by friction torque or rotation angle.
The NTS7 series is ideal for controlling the frictional torque of various rotating bodies.

Management of screw tightening torque
Inspection of idle torque screwdriver
Inspection of cap opening torque for PET bottles, etc.
For inspection of rotational torque of gears and bearings, etc.
  • Easy-to-understand color LCD
  • Prepare various commands for external control
  • Rotation speed can be selected from 5 to 50 RPM  *5 RPM increments
  • Can be tightened with constant torque
  • Automatically turns on/off in conjunction with AC power
  • 2 types of communication ports (USB, RS232C)
  • The NTS7 series includes  NTS7-RT05  and  NTS7-RT2

About accessories

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