Torque tester
  • WDISR-IP series
Manual torque tool management / built-in battery type
For managing various manual torque drivers and wrenches
It works with a personal computer or PLC to manage torque measurement more highly.
For managing manual torque drivers and wrenches.
The "DIS series" has become easier to use and has higher performance.
  • Color display that can display various information.
  • Data output is standard equipment for both USB and RS232C.
  • A series of diverse lineups from up to 500mN・m (0.5N・m) to 1500N・m.
  • Numerical values such as pass / fail conditions can be set up to 10 channels.
  • Pass / fail judgment is clearly displayed in color.
  • Built-in battery drive.
  • The WDISR-IP series includes WDISR-IP05, WDISR-IP5, WDISR-IP50, WDISR-IP200, WDISR-IP500, and WDISR-IP1500.