Digital torque driver
  • DID-05
For tightening and final check of screws & bolts
Lightweight and compact with integrated display !
For checking torque of the small screw of M0.8 ~ M2.0. Checking the starting torque of the rotating body such as volume & hinge.
In order to reduce the influence of the pressing force, the weight of the main unit was minimized to about 180.
Screw tightening counter function is also standard installed.
Enable to save 5 channels of pass/fail judgement criterion, and enable to change settings easily by switch channels even if the tightening term changes.
  • Lightweight and compact with integrated display
  • 800 items of Memory data
  • USB shape of Data output
  • Settable upper limit and lower limit torque
  • Notify the set value with buzzer & LED lamp
  • Built-in tightening counter
  • Rechargeable battery drive
  • Auto power off safe operation
  • Real time data output
  • Cordless type
  • Roller clutch has adopted and able to fast-forward in a right direction (screw tightening)

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