Notice of change in accuracy (accuracy notation) of the CD series.

We will change the accuracy (accuracy notation) of CD-100M and CD-10M.

Please check this catalog for details.


Notice of change of accessories for torque tester DIS-IPS20CL and WDIS-IPS20CL

We will change the measuring jig attached to DIS-IPS20CL and WDIS-IPS20CL.

Current accessory “Fixed attachment □ 20”
New accessory “Screw Cube SC-3”

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Released the new standard torque tester WDI series.

For daily management of electric screwdrivers, manual torque drivers, and manual torque wrenches

We are pleased to announce a new standard series of models that can support almighty by renewing the conventional tester for electric screwdrivers.

We have collected the accumulated know-how of torque testers and various opinions from customers over the 50 years since our establishment, and developed this product so that it can meet the various needs of torque measurement.

Series model WDI-10HR WDI-100HR WDI-250

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Measurable up to 1500 N ・ m  WDIS-IP1500  newly released

Torque tester WDIS-IP1500 will be released.

Measurement of up to 1,500 Nm is possible Management of large torque wrenches

By installing a new high torque calibration facility, we are now able to calibrate torque up to 1,500 Nm.
At the same time, our torque tester, which used to have a maximum of 500 N ・ m, can now be manufactured up to 1,500 N ・ m.

As the first step to expand the measurement range, we will announce and release the “WDIS-IP1500” management tester for manual torque wrenches, etc.
Please use it for managing the tightening torque of large vehicle tires and for managing structure tightening tools.
(Cannot be used for power tightening tools such as impact tools)

Please see this catalog for details.


Notification of model number / specification changes for standard models(DIS-IPS20C,WDIS-IPS20C)

The  external  specifications  of  the  deyector  of  the  torque  testers  DIS-IPS20C  and  WDIS-IPS20C  will  be  changed.
Along  with  this,  the  standard  model  numbers  will  be  changed  to  DIS-IPS20CL  and  WDIS-IPS20CL.

Please  see  here  for  more  details.