Released the torque tester WDIS series

Separate type torque tester is renewed.

More manage torque measurement in conjunction with PC and PLC.

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Notice of change in specifications of torque tester DI-4B-25

We will change the outline specification of the torque tester DI-4B-25.

For details, please contact our company.

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Renewed our corporate site.

We have newly established our corporate website.

We look forward to your continued patronage in the future, thank you.


Release of Digital adjustable Torque driver NDID-150CN.

I was able to idle the digital torque driver.

Adjust the idling torque and tighten it securely to record the torque as well as the tightening number perfectly.

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Specification change of ratchet mechanism product.

We will change the specification of the product using the ratchet mechanism.

Applicable models / DID-4, DIW-15, DIS-RL2, DIS-RL6

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